Founded in 1896, the Real Escuela de Avicultura (Royal School of Poultry) has devoted more than 100 years to training of poultry business professionals, as well as publishing the trade magazines SELECCIONES AVICOLAS and CUNICULTURA (Poultry Digest and Rabbit Breeding) and the edition of books on these topics.

  The School has always been very sensible to the extreme importance of Research and Development in the progress of poultry industry. Therefore, during the last 38 years has been running industry related research projects for leading poultry industries at its own Experimental Farm. These projects have strongly influenced the launch of new products and/or the development of most advanced production systems, all of them key to the progress of the poultry industry.

  The acknowledgement of the farm, by the Generalitat de Cataluña (the Catalan Autonomous Government) as a "Center of Breeding, Supply and User of Experimental Animals" (Register No B9900045), officially endorses the type of trials being carried out.

  The Experimental Farm premises, which included several modern buildings, can easily adapt to the different requirements involved in running each trial. Qualified staff ensure the most appropriate animal management for research and specially skilled technicians are always on site to assure the optimal levels of development of each trial.

  The School, due to its proven experience, ensures the highest commitment and accuracy to potential clients, becoming the ideal choice for a wide range of poultry research studies such as:

  • New product pre-test prior to the commercial launching.
  • LMR studies.
  • New product development (additives, growth promoters, etc.)
  • Product comparison vs competitors.
  • Option Suitability test , regarding different husbandry methods.
  • Breeding lines optimal adaptation to each husbandry system without interruption of productive cycle and without sanitary risks.

  With no need for a big investment or a high risk, we can run different type of trials, adapted to the specific requirements of each company.

  In summary, we offer a scientific and professional environment in safe premises with permanent and direct supervision of our team of Veterinarians, Agriculture Engineers and Technicians of the Royal School of Poultry.

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